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The club encourages all members, old and new who are available for a committee or needing work hours to call the board and/or the member chairing a committee


Please remember the speed limits when driving through our club. 5 mph in camping area and 25 mph on the road

3rd Saturday (or close) Events are Back!

Saturday May 20th 6:00 p.m~Chicken Fry

Saturday June 24th 5:00p.m.~Rib Night

Saturday July 15th 6:00 p.m.~ Steak Night

Saturday August 19th 8:00 a.m.~ Champagne Breakfast

Saturday September 16th 6:00 p.m.~ Fish Fry

Saturday October 21st 6:00 p.m.~ Taco Night

Member Reminders:


Golf cart owners must give the secretary (Bob Horner) an updated insurance card each year.

Gun Range users must get a new card each year from our secretary (Bob Horner)

Remember, you can put work hours in at any time! It doesn't have to be at a scheduled club event. A couple hours hear and there ad up to 15 pretty quickly.


If you brought it in, that is fine, you may leave with it. However, absolutely no one is allowed to cut wood on the property without the consent of the Board of directors,

nor are you allowed to use wood that is not yours. Several members had over 6 tons of wood cut up and taken from their campers last year. Please, if it is not yours

do not take it. We are asking the parties involved in this wood removal to please return the wood justly. Thank you!!

In an effort to cut down on the mailing expense, the bulletin board in the members' room will be utilized more for postings and club information updates, so check often!!

If you have any information or updates you would like to see posted here, please email, or call or text 309-838-2182.

Snap a picture of the bulletin board updates and send them to me! Send me your pictures you would like to see on the website!

     On April 3, 2017 at the monthly Board meeting, the Board unanimously passed a new policy for member use of the hall/clubroom for private family gatherings. The new policy will be as follows:

  1. Member reserved use of the hall/clubroom will be a $100 donation for the following activities:

 ( See amendment )                                                                                                                                                   Family and friends gathering for birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties, Christmas parties, etc.. Parties are not open to the public and by invitation only           

  1. This policy is not for wedding receptions, fundraisers, or any function the public would be the involved in.
  2.  The following guidelines were set and must be followed by the member wishing to use the hall/clubroom:
  3. Bar will not be open or accessible.
  4. Clean up of the facility will be the responsibility of the member. This includes the hall, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. and must be in the condition when starting the activity.
  5. If alcohol is to be served by the member using the facility, they must have their own dram shop insurance and a copy of such insurance provided to the Board before the party.   
  6. Donating member is responsible for all activity of guests while on the premises.
  7. All regular club fees as stated in by-laws such as guest fees, fishing fees, swimming fees, shooting on the shooting range, ice usage will be paid by member using facilities.
  8. All state laws and those in by-laws must be followed.
  9. Regular rental of the facilities for $350 for members and $450 for non-members the same day shall take precedence.    
  10. Club will not be furnishing any alcohol, pop, etc. it is bring your own or member requesting usage furnishing. 
  11. Member room is off limits during activity.

     The Board feels this is a Board policy as a benefit to the membership and does not need to become part of the club by-laws. To reserve a date member must still go through hall rental chairperson Jessie Weichmann to be sure there are no conflicts on the dates. Board feels they are doing something for the membership and hope that all have a good time.     

                                                    MCSC Board
Policy amendment:

     May 7, 2017 membership at meeting added a $50 deposit to be paid in advance to insure hall is cleaned satisfactorily. If cleaned after event, the $50 would be refunded.


Regular Meetings at the Club House

Members meetings are held on the first Sunday of every other month at 2:00 pm

New officers have been elected and are now in place. Scott Minkler~President, Jim Ashlock~Vice President, Karen Breckenridge~Treasurer,

Dale Melrose~Director. Bob Horner remains as Secretary, as do Craig Williams, Don Breckenridge, and Gary Kuehn as Directors.

It was agreed to make By~law changes (weather permitting) at the January meeting since all members must be notified of impending changes before the meeting.



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